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2015 Summer Issue

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Transforming schools into innovative learning organisations

EDEN Open Classroom Conference, Athens
Hosted by Open Discovery Space, DigiSkills and Greenet

18-21 September 2015, Athens, Greece
In collaboration with: Ellinogermaniki Agogi

How can the progressive academic and professional European community contribute to the better understanding, development and exploitation of the educational landscape in 2015? The Conference is striving to bring together teachers and trainers from various levels of education with one aim: to learn from each other. This event is free of charge, no registration fee will be charged, however online registration is necessary.

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Implementing and Applying Good Practices:  Croatian national contest

In the framework of the DigiSkills project, the Faculty of Sciences of the University in Split has launched a national contest for teachers in Croatia. Click here to read the full article.
Translation of selected Good Practices available


Several of our good practices are available in Polish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German and Hungarian as well. The project builds a good practice collection for teachers' on-the-job learning and practice in instructional scenarios with and practices with ICT.
Take a look at the examples:
-> Multimedia i edytory obrazu

-> Ημερολόγιο Μάθησης
-> Web 2.0 community building for teachers (GR)


Introducing Wiki training scenarios in pedagogical setting
The wiki‐based learning scenarios  provide students with a context for working collaboratively in order to achieve a common learning task. Through a wiki environment, students will coordinate their efforts in order to achieve a specific task.

Read about this Good Practice and browse the resources shared:
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DigiSkills at the the 6th "International Conference on New Horizons in Education
DigiSkills had a full paper accepted for participation at the 6th "International Conference on New Horizons in Education" to be held at Barcelona, Spain from 10-12 June 2015. The paper was presented by Andrina Granic, University of Split. Are you interested in the paper? See the abstract of the full paper here
DigiSkills hosts Synergy Workshop at the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference
DigiSkills was invited to host a Synergy Session at the 2015 EDEN Annual Conference in Barcelona on June 12th. The Session was a great opportunity to organise a face-to-face workshop for the implementation of DigiSkills. The Workshop was targeted on higher education, and adult learning experts and had cca 30 participants. See the report of the event including downloadable resources here
New Good Practices Online
Posters as Educational Material: "Posters are a “drawn to the eye” visual tool that can be part of many lesson plans and activities, fitting students’ educational needs, maximizing the success of educational objectives. It combines images, text, mathematics and sketches and had been created to support students..."-> Read more


Multimedia - 6th grade Computer science through Footloose Musical: "The main idea of this scenario was to include as many educational areas (language and communication, art, computer science area) and thus fulfill many educational objectives in all these areas, as well as general educational goals. ..." -> Read more



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The DigiSkills community includes numerous sub-communities that have been created to support the implementation of the Best Practices in local settings. Follow the link to the networked communities on the right and explore the network of DigiSkills communities.
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