Digiskills - Ynternet.org Workshop 13.07 (call and results)

Ynternet.org organised a full day workshop (13.07.2015) on open access content and practices. The practical activities of the workshop were based on the Digiskills open repository. The participants were experts in social sciences, communication, anthropology and environment with teaching and informal training experience. Participants in the workshop created personal accounts in the digiskills platform, commented on its technical and navigational aspects, highlighted within the group their favourite digiskills training practices, voted and commented on them, posted open source alternatives to paying services, completed the evaluation questionnaire, prepared custom dissemination texts for the project (English and French). Here is what D. said about the portal: "In my experience Digiskills content is more likely to introduce an innovative efficiency. Efficiency because of the ratings which we can find directly above the article and not at the end. So we can decide if the selected article is to be read premium or not. Also Digiskills does not lie (which is practical).It means that when you enter a keyword, you will find none if the word doesn't appear in a register title or article. Again you don't lose any time with approximative results. It is there or it isn't. Digiskills has the answer or doesn't."